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TECHNOLOGY ITALIAN SERVICES s.r.o. (here in after TIS) provides customers with installation of all Jacuzzi® products.

Installation of tubs - shower cubicles - combinations

Installation of hydromassage tubs and combinations:

  • Hydromassage tubs without tap assembly
  • Hydromassage tubs with tap assembly, corner models, embedded models, Aquasoul line
  • Hydromassage tubs Morphosis, models with wooden or marble top J-Sha Mi
  • Combinations in the Standard version (Aulica, Harpa, J-Twin - Tower, Link, etc.)
  • Combination in the "Top" version  (Flexa Twin)

Shower screens and multifunctional shower cubicles:

  • Glass panes Start! ** without panel and with shower tray already installed (all models)
  • Glass panes + panel Start! ** S with shower tray already installed  (except Double)
  • Glass panes + 2 panels Start! ** 160x90 Double, with shower tray already installed
  • Shower cubicles  Projecta and Young Collection with metacrylate wall panels
  • Shower cubicles  Flexa (except Double), J-Tower (except Mynima), Material and Play without wall glass panes
  • Shower cubicles  Mynima without wall glass panes, Material and Play with wall glass panes
  • Shower cubicles of the versions "Top" –  Flexa Double and models Mynima with wall glass panes

**Shower cubicle  Start!: The client must have the shower tray installed in advance and at his own cost; we refuse any responsibility for leaks from the drain or its insufficient outflow.

Rules for providing the services

The company TIS applies the abovementioned rates exclusively to the following products: hydromassage bathtubs, multifunction shower cubicles, bathtub-shower  combinations. Requests for carrying out the installation must be sent to the TIS at least 5 days prior to the installation date. The client should make sure that the product which is to be installed is delivered bafore the date of installation by TIS technicians.   
All service connection points - electricity, water and drain - must be executed by the client at his own cost and must correspond to the pre-installation requirements for the product in question.

Electric current and water distribution lines must correspond to the consumption values and voltage of the installed  Jacuzzi® products and be in accordance with valid technical standards. The company Jacuzzi® Europe S.p.A. and the TIS decline any responsibility for a possible inadequacy of the distribution lines and/or their possible inconsistency with the requirements of the Law 46/90.
The abovementioned rates are valid for products supplied in their original packing and placed at the site of installation. The client is responsible for the disposal of the packing.  
For service trips exceeding the distance of 50km or in case the installation requires extra works (such as displacing the sanitary facilities or furniture, surface finishing etc.) any additional payment will be agreed from case to case.
Any ineffective service trips of J.Service technicians caused by non-delivery or delayed delivery of the product, or faulty pre-installation measures, will be charged separately.

In case the client explicitely requires the installation of a product in a manner which might impair or limit the effectiveness of the assistance measures, he shall be liable for any problems which might arise therefrom , and for the extra costs of maintenance or repair.

Installation Maxi Jacuzzi®

The Jacuzzi® Asistance Centre is prepared to carry out, free of charge, an inspection of the envisaged site at the client's premises to verify that there is no obstruction to the installation of a Maxi Jacuzzi® and to help the client with the selection of the model best suited to his requirements.
The service counts on dispatching 2 technicians who will carry out the following operations:

  • Connection to electric power and check of the protection system of  the power supply
  • Connection to the water supply and drain (if foreseen)  
  • Filling the minipool
  • Water treatment (with special products) and  measuring the pH
  • Operation test and general check of watertightness   
  • Programming the display according to the client's requirements (time-tables and kinds of filtration, etc.)
  • Practical demonstration of the use of the product and suggestions for regular maintenance

The following steps are not included in the abovementioned price:

  • checking the adequacy of the electric power system outside the minipool
  • checking the suitability of the base and the surface below the minipool
  • preparation of the connection points for electric power, protection, water supply and drain
    These steps are expected to have been executed in advance, according to the pre-installation instructions supplied by Jacuzzi.
  • Removal of the product, as the case may be,  for placing it on the terrace, or in places with difficult access (through corridors, stairs etc.)  
  • Disposal of the packaging

The rate for the installation of a Maxi Jacuzzi® “Professional” will be calculated at the time of installation, as it is not always possible to foresee the characteristics of the site or the kind of work which must be carried out.












Installation of tubs - shower cubicles - combinations







Installation Maxi Jacuzzi®

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